Time for Reflection

Who is on your bus?  Years ago, I attended a software user’s conference who had a guest speaker that talked about making sure you had the “right people on your bus”.  This was an analogy tied into do you have the right influencers in your life.  From a personal standpoint I really took notice of this thought.  Did I have a spiritual advisor?  Was I confident with my financial advisor? Was I getting the best medical advice from my doctor?  Did I have an attorney that I could count on if I had an issue.  During probably the most uncertain of times in our personal and professional careers other then cleaning out that closet or that desk drawer this is a wonderful time to reflect on the people on your bus.  Not only on your personal bus but your professional relationships as well.

The riders on your professional bus can consist of everyone from who you associate with at your place of employment, managers, customers, business coaches and other business partners.  We all have business goals. Some are similar some are not. The Covid-19 crisis is changing all our goals.  It is more important than ever to evaluate who is on your bus. Are your business partners aligned with your goals?

At Vintage our solutions-oriented print management model tied in our ability to listen carefully to your unique communication goals allow us to truly partner with our customers. Contact us to learn more and discover if we are a good fit for your bus.  

Use this time to not only stay close with family but use this time to evaluate the people on your personal and professional bus.

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